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come up at 5:00, a victory rally for quebec oppose a new premier, bullets flew. one person was dead and another wounded, to buildingt comes economy, barack obama is my dadg about folks like my grandmother and about the pride that comes from a hard day's work. >> the first night of the democratic national convention with an impassioned from first lady michelle obama. what she had to say to voters in to get her husband reelected. >> hard knocks for former dolphins player chad johnson. he might need to call a tattoo removal company. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington.
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it's wednesday, september 5. glad you are with us. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. good morning. let's get to adam caskey for the forecast. >> and point to be a warm day the high temperatures in upper 86 and you will notice the humidity. just like the past several days. at the doppler radar. we have areas of light rain off in the potomac highlands and parts of west virginia. closer to the shenandoah valley. we are drive for the most part this morning. cloudy today. more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, of a few downpours. 89 today for the high temperature. now to steve. the 14th street bridge is starting off well from arlington into the district. springfield looks ok all town. andto the southeast southwest freeway
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and 13th street tunnel looking good. 109, aery county, little heavy just past the exit 109 to the truck scales. after that it continues to be a to the lane divide. here we are on 95 in virginia, a , but still t speed. looks good north of 395 as well. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, the search is a deadlyrtar -- fewting that happened a midnight rally for quebec's new premier. >> she was removed from the stage. she was not injured. was the clear if she who wasf the shooter a 50-year-oldd as man. he shouted in french, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind a before he was arrested. a night of big-name
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democratic national convention. maryland governor o'malley was among speakers in charlotte. final speech of the night came from first lady michelle obama. >> tonight we will hear from former president bill clinton. >> i have gotten to see up e and personal what being president will looks like. the first lady bringing an l tie to the democratic national convention. can honestly say that when comes to his character and is conviction and his heart, is still the same man i fell in love with all s ago.year >> offering a wife and mothers prospective to convince voters to reelect president. president barack knows the american dream because he has dreamit. [cheers and applause] -- because he has lived it. he wants everyone to have the opportunity a matter who we whatr where we are from or
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who we love.or >> it wrapped up an opening the first included keynote address by a latino, the antonio tx, julian castro. >> when detroit was in trouble, the autoaved industry and 1 million jobs. seven presidents before him try health care to all americans. president obama got it done. >> there was a tribute to edward kennedy and a message from carter >>sident jimmy . with all that remains to be done evidence the overwhelming, president obama america.ader for >> the dnc festivities are just getting started. wednesday night bill clinton address the delegates. obama will accept the nomination. on nomination on thursday.
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we will have reports week.hout the romney will face competition in virginia. the state board of elections as a former congressman virgil appear in the as ther ballot constitution party nominee. keeplicans tried to help off the ballot because of fears of the could take votes away from romney. the republicans are hard at work. paul ryan spent tuesday campaigning in iowa. romney continue to prepare for upcoming debate with president obama. maryland state highway crews roadsying to make their safer for drivers. today they will start removing a along wisconsin avenue in chevy chase. jummy olabanji is there this this bigith more on project. good morning. remember back in
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in great falls, virginia, a decaying trees fell on a car as a man was driving by and kill him. maryland don't want anything like that to happen .ere starting today, they will take trees they say could be dangerous. residents in this area have called this "the green mile, betweenn avenue norwood drive in cumberland of troubled trees. five of them are coming down starting today. i look over there all the time but i will not go over there because it looks dangerous. >> ms. lee works in the area and chooses to walk across the street. she and many others say they are potential safety hazard. some are dead and others decayed, missing limbs or splintering. i remember one time after a the power lined hanging right in front of me almost walked right into
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in theuse the tree was line. the power maryland state highway administration decided just five need to be removed. they say the elm trees were by vehicle crashes or severe weather. officials say adding to the is drivers have hit hanging on the road. weather permitting, the work will start this morning at 9:00 around 3:00 this afternoon. the same on thursday and friday. during the time of this removal, there will be one northbound lane of wisconsin avenue that closed and drivers between cumberland and norwood. reporting live in chevy chase, jummy olabanji. thanks for that report. looking at 76 degrees. >> still ahead, getting a better of hurricane isaac's impact the gulf coast if.
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how many homes
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covergirl! covergirl! and try new pressed powder to help brighten your skin tone. just a week after hurricane isaac hit the gulf coast, we are impact aabout the louisiana.n >> it damaged at least 13,000 homes in the. state that number is
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preliminary and could be revised. flooding inundated homes in some louisiana, but the receded and power has restored to most of the state. check beckham with adam caskey. >> we will see a little rain later on today. a light shower this morning especially far west of washington. west virginia and the potomac highlands are few showers. temperatures in the '70s. 79 in washington, 75 in manassas, 73 currently in winchester. afternoon, 89. cloudy conditions. a few sprinkles out west this morning. today we will have isolated thundershowers. whatever pops up is capable of producing localized heavy rain. patchy fog tonight. 89 today. 90's the next couple days. down by the weekend and
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early next week in the '70s. now to steve >> . 395, still seeing very light volume of traffic in towards the 14th street bridge. everything moving well. no accidents or incidents. construction has been removed. beltway at new hampshire avenue there's a new traffic pattern. on the envelope, traffic heading the right moving in the new pattern before university boulevard. the right and one lane to the left. same number of lanes open the. broken-down vehicles reported on eastbound 66 after business 234 manassas in the right lane. back to you. >> thank you. 76 degrees already. >> off to a warm start. opel tribute to the late astronaut neil armstrong. wherehen and astronaut neil armstrong. wherehen and sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street,
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from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerator puts fresh in a whole new light. come see the new ge french door refrigerator for yourself at bray & scarff. buy now and save up to $500. but hurry this incredible offer ends october 10th. come in today or visit online at and 7:15 this morning there .s a spacewalk expeditions' 32 crew will try replacementtall a .ower switch unit the first attempt last thursday failed. today in's space walk is last six and a half hours. a memorial service for neil be held onill
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september 13 at the national cathedral. was the first man to walk on the moon. saturday at the age of 82. memorial service will be open to a first, first served basis. reservations have to be made in .dvance through nasa >> you could call it a bold prediction from aaa. the agency believes the d.c. off the topsoon be 10 list of the worst commutes in the nation. carter joins us from springfield to explain how this. might this -- how this might happen. the reason is transportation projects under way in northern , the 495 express lanes, and the 95 hot lanes. when these projects are both e should be able drive from stafford to springfield and then on to tysons corner traveling at speed on these lanes. it will be a better rush hour.
5:17 am
the $1.4 billion express lane project expected to be completed muskets, in late december, more than $900 million 95jects stretching along operatingo begin in 2015. it's going to cost. high occupancy toll lanes. 495, the price of that would change based on the floor of traffic. it will be some kind of dynamic toll. you will need an e-z pass. express commuter would be $6.where between $5 and those lanes expected to be open in a matter of months in december. and the other in 2015. >> 5:17 right now. adam caskey is backed. it is. muggy is. feel the.l
5:18 am
the or 80s. it will feel tropical outside. range. have more not an all they washout. not everybody will see the rainfall. in thepotty showers afternoon and evening. whatever pops up especially r today after 2:00 p.m. will producing of localized heavy rainfall,. that's something to keep in mind. you have seen heavy rain over , you have theay's more flashor youding in your area should heavy downpour later on today. we have a few light sprinkles, highlands along the frederick river between maryland virginia, south of romney, and into the shenandoah shenandoah county interstate 81, light rain texting east. it is 79 in the district, 82 in quantico, 75 in culpeper, 73 in winchester along with frederick. thick humidity, but
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l change along with temperatures. end of the weekend into week, a cold front will cool things off and give us a taste of september. spotty showers off to our west this morning. there's a weak cold front that will wash out. it could be enough to trigger storms later on today. have it in the forecast. 89 for the high temperature. thursday and friday will be the hottest and 92. weekend we have a chanc of rain. mainly late's saturday into early sunday. much cooler in the upper 70's by monday and tuesday. steve. >> volume building on 270 approaching 109 from frederick county into northern montgomery county. 109 toward the truck scales is heavy and that it picks up. good down to the lane
5:20 am
divide. the beltway at silver spring and moving nicelyd, the inner loop and outer loop. more cars on the road. broken down vehicle eastbound on s 234 in busines manassas in the right lane. back to you. >> thank you. about therning more 5. iphone it's a big victory for samsung. rob nelson has more. apple all but confirming the iphone 5. next week there's a media event the no. 12 with a shadow forming the no. 5. apple may also announced a mini ipad and new earbuds and maybe a set.v samsung galaxy s3 was the top- selling smartphone in the u.s. because members of the apple re are holding off on buying
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model until the new iphone is released. quickme that's and easy to use. it makes it simple for you to text and at an image to each done.nd then just hit i could create a very nice shows inengaging slide 20 minutes. could be an embroidered version by the end of the year. -- android tablet.
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excited for the start of the season. >> that they won the super bowl for a reason. have been working hard and looking to be a whole lot better. >> he's gotten a haircut. fans looking for to this. season officially kicks off. features dallas cowboys visiting the defending champion new york giants. that is in the meadowlands tonight. lot of people looking forward to that. they will notice the controversial replacement referees. has been a labor dispute out the regular rectories. sears tim brant. >> the nationals continue and seizing the moment. are playing aggressively. edwin jackson pitched well t the cubs last night. it was over.
5:26 am
ian desmond get the party started early. since it and deep. makes everybody feel good. the bottom of the fourth inning, out theoche rolls barrel. bomb's away. center field. his 26 of the year. in the sixth inning, ryan zimmerman to center field. the nationals last the cubs, 11- 5. " >> we are watching the scoreboard to see what's going on. >> the rockies beat the braves. the nationals picked up another game. while the yankees lose. share first place in the american league east. a look at sports. . >> thanks so much. 5:26, 76 degrees already. the news continues at 5:30. it is a warm start to this wednesday. deadly end at a victory rally wednesday. deadly end at a victory rally r quebec's new
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. have seen firsthand that changeresident does not who you are. reveals so you are. qwikster ahead, it was a night with passionate speakers at the democratic national convention. ended with first lady obama giving her pitch to voters to keep your husband's in office. good morning, washington. wednesday, september 5. thanks for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. i am steve chenevey. we will start with adam caskey and the forecast. hot already.
5:31 am
73 in germantown, 75 la plata/ 77 in stafford. 89 degrees for the high temperature. partly cloudy. thundershowers this afternoon and evening. moving towards the interstate 81 corridor. rain chances into the weekend as well. now to steve >> . 270 is very slow leaving county into northern montgomery county. here we are at 109 hyattstown. volume is building. nothing reported on the roadway, just a lot of company heading through northern montgomery county. that you are good down to the lane divide. 395 from the beltway in springfield to the 14th street bridge, a good ride so far. no delays at duke street. good and seminary road and at the 14th street bridge. problem on 66 eastbound just before the car
5:32 am
rest area. a broken-down vehicles in the right lane. no delays. eastbound 66 in manassas will you.for back to you. >> thank you. 5:31. one person was killed and during aounded at a midnight victory premier. quebec's new >> pauline marois was removed from the states. clear if she was the waset of the mass shooting a 50-year-fied as old man. marois was removed stage uninjured. as the suspect was being dragged to the police cruiser, he was heard shouting "the english are waking up!" charlotte, some of the names took tot stage before opening night including maryland governor o'malley. came fromal speech first lady michelle obama as she appeal to undecided voters. m charlotte. >> being president does not change who you are. t reveals who you are.
5:33 am
[cheers and applause] first lady michelle obama husband voters her behind working with every tough decision he makes as president. >> for barack, success is not about how much money you make. difference in making people's lives. >> president obama and their daughters watched the speech from the white house. talks a lot about fixed. things he has i will tell you massachusetts was not one of them. working families have paid price for mitt romney's success. face. a new san antonio mayor julian latino deliverst a keynote address. my mother fought hard to have civil rights so that i could hold this microphone of a
5:34 am
a new poll shows more women disapprove of the president and approved. down 11 points since april. the first lady in.s come together and stand together for the man we can trust. president obama arrived in charlotte today. former president bill clinton will speak. the most effective salesman within the democratic party. abc news, charlotte. >> thank you, brandi. >> scott thuman and gordon peterson are in charlotte. for their reports all week. we also have updates from a little later this hour, we explain how the dnc has mtv to make changes to upcoming award show. krupicka will
5:35 am
democratic delegate virginialin that in alexandria,s of arlington county, and fairfax county park and maybe steal from county died in a helicopter crash will be laid to funeral services for old petty officer first class patrick feeks will be held at the fort myers memorial buried atn he will be arlington national cemetery maryland governor martin ordered flags to be flown at half staff today in his >> the showdown over a group is maryland defeat the expanded gambling plan. $5.5tributeda the effort supporters expanded gambling accused the protect arying to it ownsale casino that andest virginia from,
5:36 am
competition. maryland state highway crews removing decaying trees. jummy olabanji is there this morning with details. >> weather permitting, this work begin at 9:00 this morning. maryland highway officials say in july in great falls, a fell onto a car and driving, so they decided to look at the trees in well.states as so they sent folks to wisconsin o evaluate all the trees. decided that five of the trees were dead or decayed and needed to come down. so this work will begin later on this morning. all five of the trees are on wisconsin avenue between cumberland avenue and norwood drive. officials with the the hype will administration say all of them d or have beencaye sort of accident or the weather. this work will begin at 9:00 and will end at
5:37 am
3:00 this afternoon and will the same time on thursday and friday as well. during the time the work is on, one northbound lane of betweenn avenue belwood and cumberland will closed to drivers. -- norwood and cumberland. >> thanks for that. degrees. >> still ahead on this for some, bad news supporters of wikileaks founder julian assange. why they're
5:38 am
5:39 am
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>> will provide education and wellness,health and and social justice advocacy. ywca. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:40. welcome back. a little light rain off to our west, moving into the shenandoah valley, west of winchester, west of martinsburg, pushing east. having a tough time making it shenandoah valley, but a few sprinkles. we will see a little more on the later on today. whatever pops up in the evening will be producing localized heavy rain. it will be very
5:41 am
widespread. 79 now when the district. very humid asay, well. 75 in manassas. 73 in frederick. our way to the upper 80s later today. have rainfall saturday and early sunday. >> outer loop of the beltway at avenue, there's a pattern beyond the range of this camera. the beltway has been changed to three right lanes and one left lanes open. pattern withraffic the same number of lanes. looks good so far. outer loop is also accident- free. looks good on 270 at 118. looks good through germantown .an to the lane divide springfield and past the occoquan river, a good. looks good in lorton and its open to the 14th street bridge.
5:42 am
back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 75 degrees. >> still to come, are you ready football? the nfl season kicks off but with replacement officials.
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>> welcome back. nigeria pose in a says pirates have attacked and seized an oil tanker off the coast of its largest city. navy says. rightw members on board in a safe room. piracy has been an ongoing problem in west africa. 5:45 is the time. the democrats6:00,
5:46 am
pushing the right buttons at the convention. >> and a local college students fore disillusioned splitting the restaurant bill friends with an easy .olution controversyotional happening involving a war veterans.or the peace cross in prince honors those who in world war romney won, an influential group says church-stateolates separation. tonight at 5:00, we will tell you the battle over the peace with strong reactions from some local veterans'. a local man praised as a hero nowng the derecho is accused of sexual misconduct. in july, the performing cpr on a teenager who came in contact with electric wires.
5:47 am
the teenager later died, but tnoy was accused of from a 12-year- old girl. he met the girl online and she be 21, his lawyer said. d last month he her at a park in bethesda was youngerd she than she said. he asked that they go out to a drink, someplace .ou have to show an id >> the girl's family told police he pointed a gun at them during a car chase. his lawyer says that he displayed the gun after he was threatened. the court will have to sort all at a preliminary hearing in october. around the nation, an illinois deliberate today in trial of drew peterson, a former police officer accused of his third wife kathleen savio. are 2004 death was not gold, his fourth wife disappeared and kathleen savio's
5:48 am
body was exhumed. convicted, he faces six years in prison. people who put up money to out julian assange have lost that money. there's a report before for the because he skipped bail to extradited to be questioned on rape charges. is holed up in the ecuadorean british police will arrest him if he leaves the building. the nfl regular season kicks with the giants hosting the cowboys. with the league locked in a with the referees replacement referees be used in tonight's game. >> negotiations between the nfl referees over pay and on andatters has been off for months. the league hired replacement the college and high school ranks. some of them worked in preseason games and have come under fire for penalty calls. a former new york giants running facesays such replacements
5:49 am
big challenges in the big- league. the game is so much faster and the pace of the game is so much faster. things are happening faster, not just the play on the field. o get confused or as at up in a moment player to. like as aat it's been on this not stage before. >> a sports illustrated writer the nfl for using them. putting thereally danger by having replacement referees were not at the top of their profession. football is a chaotic and violent game by nature. nfl must do all it can to order and safety >> . the referees are considered workers and have outside careers. were paid anre average of nearly $150,000 plus benefits. women'sr tennessee summit willoach pat sunday befores tennessee titans' season
5:50 am
opener. >> she stepped down in april announcing she has early onset of dementia. she remains at the university as head coach emeritus. on sunday the owner of the titans said he would donate of dollars to the pat summit foundation to go to raise cureness and find a alzheimer's. johnson might be consulting a tattoo removal specialist. has a tattoo on his leg which features the face of his estranged wife. to filed for divorce from the star after being married two months after johnson hadhat butted evelyn during an argument. the dolphins from the couple owes a reality show has been scrapped. tattoo. he has a >> allegedly he just got a weekend as aast get back with his wife. we will see if that works out for him. >> or maybe four hours. >> a living social deal will
5:51 am
double your money at starbucks. >> the new iphone is coming out but amazon as w off asg new to sho well. good morning to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. mentioned the big for apple next week. for bigooking announcement from amazon tomorrow. amazon may show off including twoets tablets and one electronic reader. they expect amazon to unveil a backlit six-inch electronic with the compete noble one. packers stole information from accountsn apple user from an fbi computer. they released some data from 1 n of those accounts, they say. the fbi says there's no an fbie indicating laptop was never compromised or fbi obtained the data.
5:52 am
living social has a starbucks $10.r $5 or a new way to drive traffic into the store. sales grew 44% last year over 2010. that's business news at bloomberg headquarters. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. love coffee around here. let's check in with adam caskey. to havelittle hot coffee. coffee.e iced >> it's going to be another warm day. outside as well. you will feel the humidity. entrenched in a tropical air mass. the moisture level is so high feel it in the air again today. let's look at live super doppler 7. action on the radar screen early this morning. very light in nature of western front royal in shenandoah county. pelanda west of winchester,
5:53 am
ofing into parts ,outhwestern frederick county oirginia, moving int .inchester in my area of rain on the left along andur screen south of route 50. and crossing. 522 in morgan county -- and over 522. i think they will hold together a little. now in washington, 75 in manassas and david burke, 74 in martinsburg. normally we would be in the mid upper 60's. well above average again today. 75 degrees in gaithersburg right now. nexteptember week. with areas ofted west, there's a cold front dropping in. that mr. up our atmosphere o cause ater today t showers and
5:54 am
thunderstorms. .here will be isolated what does pop up later on today potential of having imbedded heavy rainfall. 89 for the high temperature this afternoon. 92 on thursday and friday. refreshing by monday and tuesday in the upper 70's. saturday into early we cannot rule out some rainfall. steve. >> 395 is getting heavier from street to seminary road, volume building. on your way up to the 14th street bridge right there. 95 is pretty heavy often gone from the occoquan to springfield. from 109 is very slow out of k county into northern county.ry 109, stillpast slowing of the truck scales, but not bad after that. e roadltway at colesvill is still moving well. if the outer loop has a little more volume, cannot enough to slow you down in a big way. back to you. >> thank you. 76 degrees.
5:55 am
>> the first lady is known for fashion sense. did not take long for details to behindabout the designer dnc.utfit at the behindabout the designer dnc.[ male announcer ] on one corner,
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use freedom on lunch with jack. everybody get! everybody get! get your cash back. chase freedom. we're back with more from the night of the democratic national convention. relearned the designer of the dress first lady michelle obama war. reese.s out to be tracy
5:58 am
minutes after mrs. obama appeared on stage, tracy reese is honor theshe was wearing her creation. still waiting for about the designer shoes, but some m j.ceporting they are fro crew. >> mtv has moved up its annual video music awards so fans will not happen choose between stars or the president. tomorrow, but i president accept the democratic presidential nomination. awards an houre prevent anysual to conflict with president obama's speech. from 8:00ill run until 10:00 eastern p.m. and speakhe president will after 10:00. you can get the best of both worlds. the city of charlottetown as we o hold the biggest political showing the country. >> it's not stopping extra law on acement from putting show of their own. [blowing whistles]
5:59 am
>> the officers were called in .rom georgia there to direct traffic, but making bystander's chuckle with their dance moves. nicki minaj is during a controversy on the internet for her endorsement of mitt romney. might have heard about this in a new song. she wraps that "i'm republican voting for mitt romney." apparently there is skepticism. e often uses alter egos. she reached out to obama earlier year asking him to expand his health care laws. far, she's not commenting. mcdonald's is set to open its first vegetarian restaurant. you have to get a plane ticket it on the other side of the world. the fast-food giant will open the vegean

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